Educational Statment

Educational Statement for Tri-Rock Media Communications

Tri-Rock Media Communications is a non-profit, educational organization in the Midland, Michigan area enhancing educational initiatives, as a valuable tool for disseminating educational content, fostering community engagement, and amplifying learning experiences. 

We support the enhancement and integration of Dow Gardens, Midland Center for the Arts, and the Chippewa Nature Center through promoting their information, events, access, and funding. We support diverse learning opportunities and promote knowledge sharing within our community and the outlying areas through rich strategic utilization of electronic, virtual and on-line learning, and information.

Tri-Rock is committed to advancing education and enriching the diverse educational landscape for learners of all ages and backgrounds by expanding a diverse range of educational programming aimed at fostering added cultural and arts, sciences, education and performance. We employ informed discourse, community engagement, and intellectual enrichment. It is our goal to service our community through an LPFM with a wider learning experience by committing more than 25 hours a week of live on air content on our proposed LPFM. Our mission is to provide a platform for events, experiences, and thought-provoking discussions. 

Since 2019, and over the years, as an educational organization, our on-going practice is to provide critical knowledge of Midland's day-to-day events, and needs from food nutrition and access, environmental sciences, healthcare, and healthcare access in the world around Midland on-line, and an over the air LPFM would greatly further enhance our outreach.

We value integrity, accuracy, and inclusivity in our programming, striving to uphold the highest standards of ethical journalism and educational content creation. And pledge to uphold and surpass the standards and goals of an educational LPFM.

Tri-Rock Communications intends to use the capacity of an LPFM to educate and inform the residents of Midland regarding issues and happenings in the community by airing local public affairs programming, partnering with the organizations we support, rendering a useful community calendar, and promoting city events throughout the day. We will also use the LPFM as a direct, hands-on learning experience for those wishing to engage in internships and further promoting and maintaining broadcasting through community volunteerism and participation at our local Tri-Rock studio in Midland.